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ALAFCS/AAFCS Awards Program


Alabama Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (ALAFCS)

American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS)

Leaders Award The Leaders Award began with the AAFCS 75th anniversary in 1984 when it was established to identify and honor family and consumer sciences professionals who have made significant contributions to the field through their involvement with AAFCS.


Any AAFCS member who does not belong to the Student Unit and who has completed more than eight (8) years of service to the field is eligible to receive this award. 

(State & National) Teacher of the Year - The National Teacher of the Year Award and Affiliate (State) Teacher of the Year Awards recognize exemplary teachers who utilize cutting-edge methods, techniques, and activities to provide the stimulus for and give visibility to family and consumer sciences elementary and secondary education. 


Anyone who enters the competition at the national level must have been chosen as an Affiliate (State) Teacher of the Year (through competitions run at the affiliate (state) level); each affiliate may enter no more than one Affiliate Teacher of the year into the national competition per year and the nomination must be submitted by the Affiliate (State) President.  An Affiliate Teacher of the Year who is eligible for the National Teacher of the Year Award: 

·         is employed as a family and consumer sciences teacher of grades kindergarten through 12 at the time the nomination is submitted;

·         is an AAFCS member (national) at the time of nomination and for at least three consecutive years prior to nomination;

·         created and runs a family and consumer sciences program that focuses on one of the following five program areas.

1.   Career Awareness/Job Skill Training (e.g., work/study; literacy education; entrepreneurship)

2.   Consumer Education/Family Finance (e.g., consumer rights; understanding credit; budgeting and managing money)

3.   Creative Dimensions/Alternative program Designs (e.g., caring for children, the elderly, or the disabled; peer or cross-age tutoring; internationalized curriculum; impact of legislation on family life)

4.   Family Life/personal and Social Development (e.g., alternative family structures such as step, blended, or single-parent families; programs for children in self-care; abuse or crisis intervention programming; dealing with grief and death)

5.   Nutrition Education/Diet and Health (e.g., wellness; food science and chemistry; dietary education) 

New Achievers Award The New Achievers Award was introduced in 1984 to recognize emerging professionals who have shown potential for making significant contributions in the field of family and consumer sciences.


Any AAFCS member who does not belong to the Student unit, who has earned a family and consumer sciences degree, and who has completed three (3) to eight (8) years of service to the field is eligible to receive this award.   

Distinguished Service Award - The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) was established by the American Home Economics Association (AHEA) Foundation in 1979 as a living tribute to members of AHEA (now AAFCS) to recognize superior achievements in family and consumer sciences, outstanding contributions to the family and consumer sciences profession, and sustained association leadership at both state and national levels. 

Excellence in Extension Award – Initiated in 1990 with the support of Monsanto, The Agricultural Group, the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) Excellence in Extension Award honors outstanding extension system programs that enable people to improve their lives and communities through learning partnerships that put knowledge to work in family and consumer sciences programs.    


Any individual or team that has established a record of achievement in Cooperative Extension programming for adults and/or youth is eligible to receive this award.  The nominee (if a team, at least one team member) must be a member of AAFCS. 

Friend of the Family Award – award has been presented to “an individual or organization involved in policy making decisions that affect the well-being of the state’s families.  The recipient does not have to be an AAFCS member.”

Wiley-Berger Award - This award honors an outstanding volunteer whose work has enhanced the well-being of others. It posthumously honors Davis R. Wiley, D. Reid, and Agnes Miller Berger for their outstanding contributions to family and consumer sciences.


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